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The People Side Of CMMC | What Can OSCs Due To Maximize The People Element Of CMMC

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In this video, I am interviewing Carter Schoenberg from SoundWay Consulting. We had a discussion over the following Subjects:
-The people side of CMMC
-What can OSCs due to Maximize the people element of CMMC
-How Do OSCs Identify who is in scope for CMMC.
-How are people the linchpin to causing a crisis.
-What 2 artifacts will be most scrutinized after a crisis.

Successfully passing a CMMC assessment requires significant preparation. There are three areas when dealing with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) that require focus. These three key functional areas which impact CUI:

Something I saw when I was looking for information on The People Side Of CMMC was the absence of appropriate information.

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