Notes from 2021-06-02 Meeting


Topics Discussed

  1. Whitepaper update

– will be sent to designer who will enhance graphics then passed to Anna and Jeff this Friday

– Arvin reached out to a couple of CEO to create an executive summary for the whitepaper

B. Anna invited the team to attend a seminar with Kate Forster – CUI how to identify and mark it

When: Jun 17, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time

Topic: DON OSBP Small Business Webinar Series–CUI

Register in advance for this webinar:


C. Events/Trainings like the above mentioned

-can be added  the coalition site so guests can navigate to it

-we can add event to calendar copied from discord, Justin can setup RSS feed

D.  Our inbox not currently monitored but Paul will monitor going forward

E.  Organizations seeking certification (OSCs) pushback regarding certification costs. Government expects  OSC’s as    already compliant from L1 to L3 so no money there but money will be allocated from L4 to L5.

OSC’s should view CMMC exercise as akin to investing/capital expenditure and not as an add-on compliance activity.

There’s a general consensus that nobody has actually trained OSC’s.

F. What happened with CMMC is similar to what happened to ERP it’s been delegated as an IT problem. Prime and Subs CEO/CFO should attend C – level breakfast to help shift understanding of  the importance of CMMC rather than pegging it as an IT problem.

suggests that customers should also be invited and subs should show up as well

need the right person from Prime and mid primes showing up

Arvin and Alan will plan a C-level event with prime and subs

Event for cable twisters and c-suite folks different.

G. Paul will be working on a paper that can help with funding


H. Dana  has a few more CMMC speakers lined up for her podcast

Dana will create a LinkedIn group.

Dana will create a video on whitepaper creators

I. Ideally it will be better if the whitepaper is housed and endorsed  by another organization

J. Paul update – to start working on funding

Need to  think more topics for whitepaper

K.  Greg’s classes launching July 14th and July 20th

Please encourage businesses to attend classes

L. Arvin mentions PTAC – Procurement Technical Council Program, a non-profit that does not charge anything for services rendered. We might consider leveraging  Connecticut PTAC to sponsor program that we do since they should have access to these contractors directly.


Action Items:

Featured Image: “Sailors move a jet turbine aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) in the Arabian Sea” by Official U.S. Navy Imagery is licensed under CC BY

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