Making Progress on the Glossary

You ever listen to two compliance people talk? A garbled jumble of acronyms and numbers. Alchemy?

As a small business owner what do you do when someone says, “Well in terms of scope an OSC must consider an MSP and and all endpoints as the C3PA0 will want to know about AC 1.00.1. Then make sure what they do gets to the SSP and you say when you do what isn’t done in the POA&M while getting the correct score on the SRPS using DCMA 171a methods. It’s simple really.”

They keep speaking as if a magic intonation will cast the spirit of Xi_Jinping from the DIB supply chain. What do you do?

First you hang up the phone and call someone else. Then come check us out at The Connecticut CMMC Coalition.

Just a group of volunteers who meet once a week to keep us on mission here in the nutmeg.

Two of these emerging leaders, Daryl Ray, our Document Lead, and Asael, our intern have worked hard on creating a glossary for you.

We have a Google Doc and Asael has worked hard at building an interactive site going live soon. You can find a repo here

Don’t look for en exorcist to to get a grip on NIST.

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