Join Dana and JohnE Upgrade as they discuss the Service Level Agreement. Learn what What is a Service Level Agreement?  and the specific metrics  attached to different types of SLAs? Your SLAs will be central to scoping  CMMC

Check out this interview with Stuart Itkin, from Coalfire Federal, as Dana goes over concerns about CMMC

Join Dana and Kyle Lai, CEO of KLC Consulting, as they discuss Ransomware virus attacks  1. Ransomware 2. What is Ransomware Virus Attack 3. How Ransomware Works? 4.  CMMC and Ransomware

Join Dana andg Karl Bickmore, from Snap Tech IT as they discuss overall process for cmmc compliance -What is a cmmc assessment? -What is a cybersecurity maturity model certification cmmc

Join Dana and Matt Titcombe, CEO of Peak InfoSec as they discuss a top ten for CMMC including: -Top Ten Hit List For CMMC -Not Scoping Properly -Bringing your own baggage to any practice -Stopping at the information security requirement -Cryptographic and encrypt -Use non – privileged accounts when accessing non-security functions -Monitor and control…

Clearing the Haze Around the History of CMMC

We use history to determine our future and as President Biden’s Executive Order on supply chain risk management unfolds we wonder how will the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program change to adapt to emerging threats and federal regulations. So before we can determine the influence of CMMC on supply chain risk management we must consider…